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Learn some of the common patterns 
we make from having grown up on 
‘happily ever after’ stories…

Fairy Tale Syndrome

How to break the pattern of living in stress, blaming others and waiting to be rescued…

You will learn:

  • The ‘Shiny Knight’ stories that have 
    disempowered you

  • The seven patterns of struggle that keep you trapped in a cycle you can’t see

  • Change the story and become aware of what you are telling yourself.

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Learn the 3 little known secrets, you need to know when going through a devastating break up.

  • A simple secret to stop your mind obsessing about the last argument you had, any self contempt talk… etc. 
  • How to stop attracting emotional unavailable or narcissistic partners… immediately! 
  • How to stop feeling emotionally out-of-control after a devastating separation (even if it seems impossible right now!)

Unlike what you might have heard from some people:

  • ❌ You do not need to make a more compelling online profile, in order to meet ‘the one’.
  • ⁉️ You do not need to continually prove you’re loveable and worthy, when you feel heartbroken inside.
  • ❌ You do not need to put your life on hold or feel incomplete, without a partner.
  • ⁉️ And you do not need to compromise your values to be happy

These are the things that will create the same mistakes in your next relationship as you did in last one.

Why? BECAUSE they avoid the real issue, right?

If you want to break your relationship habits and find the lasting love you’ve dreamt of, I’ve discovered a strategy that means you can:

🛑 STOP attracting or being attracted to emotionally unavailable, distant partners
🛑 STOP being treated like an afterthought by having all your insecurities triggered.
🛑 STOP repeating the same cycle of unhealthy relationship patterns and habits
🛑 STOP wishing and hoping someone will understand how you really feel and get you.

Instead, you can do one simple thing: ✅ FIX THE PROBLEM ✅

I call this, the Relationship Ready Formula.

And what it does is it helps you heal yourself of the patterns that are draining your energy… ✨ unlocks the emotional chains that are holding you captive right now… ✨ and gives you the confidence to say YES to a healthy, loving and supportive relationship. ✨

Even better, it doesn’t require you to read more self-help books... “go find yourself” at a 3-day retreat... or get drunk (to put it bluntly, right?).


For instance, if you were using this system right now you’d have severed your attraction to shadow relationships, be able to understand yourself, your needs and your true nature in a healthy relationship.
Can you imagine that?


  • ✨ You’ll have changed your life for the better, by mastering your thoughts and actions.
  • ✨ Be the happiest and freer you’ve felt, truly loving yourself without any judgement
  • ✨ Even have your friends notice and that’s a big shift in results, right?

And in fact, the Relationship Ready Formula, is almost the opposite of what you’ve been taught to do by nearly everyone else.

Best part is, it works fast.

BUT IF YOU WANT IT TO WORK FOR YOU... I do need to teach it to you.

If I just tell you the 3 simple steps, then you’ll miss the critical psychology behind it, that makes it work better than any other method you’ve tried up till this point.
Which means, life will continue as it is now – repeating the same relationship patterns, recovering from one devastating separation to another, feeling rejected and used… and that’s not acceptable, right?

  • 😱 If you’re sick of beating yourself up for texting your ex to get some instant attention...
  • 😱 Tired of going on the same ‘dead-end’ dates, continually chasing the ‘wrong’ guy.
  • 😱 And if you’re “over” being cheated on, lied to and played… ...then give me just 45-minutes and I’ll teach you how to change these things.

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I look forward to helping you in person and answering any questions you have.
Regards Tzara | Your Relationship Development Coach



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