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Spend a morning being present to yourself; engage wholeheartedly in life again with the confidence of trusting it will all work out.

About the workshop

Tzara and Melisa are accredited meta coaches and development coaches recognised by the Int. Society of Neuro-Semantics. They will guide you through a morning of meditation, introspection and self-discovery. You’ll be given tasks that will enable you to understand and enquire into your own aspirations, and goal setting processes. These fun and creative tasks are designed to bring new awareness to what might be holding you back and keep you feeling stuck. Energy flows where attention goes. Whenever you visualise, you emit a powerful frequency into the universe that attracts what you are focusing on. So we will be spending time clearing ‘stuck’ thinking and learning how to develop ‘clear’ thinking with a powerful intention, so you can attract your deepest hearts desires, immediately. Olympic athletes use the power of visualisation because it’s been proven that the same pathways in the brain fire up if an athlete physically lifts weights, runs a marathon, etc or simply visualizes doing it. The brain doesn’t recognise the difference – you will learn how to harness this incredible and powerful skill.

About the Coaches:

Tzara Attwater Relationship Development Coach | My Confidence Coach

Tzara has worked and studied with leading experts in personal development, masters of meditation and behavioural psychologists for over 17 years. She has an in-depth knowledge of Enneagram typologies and is certified by the International Society of Neuro Semantics, NLP Master practitioner and an Associate Certified Meta Coach (ACMC) As a Relationship Development Coach, Tzara understands the unresourceful behaviour patterns and habits that can develop in relationships. She helps women break their patterns and cycles of unhealthy relationships, facilitating a journey of self-discovery. Tzara will have a conversation with you like no other. By changing the inner game she helps her clients reach their greatest human potential, in all areas of their lives.

Melisa Cohen Development Coach | Pure Results Coaching.

As a Leadership & High Performance Coach and Facilitator, Melisa assists her clients in unlocking and unleashing their full potential at the highest level, believing that everyone has that power within them. She practices Meta-Coaching®, which is a powerful and successful coaching methodology that transcends traditional performance coaching. As a native French and fluent English speaker, Melisa’s experience as an expat, perfectly positions her to understand the challenges and touch points of what it means to leave your country of origin, your family & friends and the familiarity of what you love. She expertly helps her clients navigate these struggles, facilitating profound change and growth consistently.