Do you deny change?

Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation you don’t like or think about what’s not working in your life and how you could make it better?

You might think about changing and even want to change but don’t – what stops you?

One reason we don’t change is denial

You can determine your level of denial, based on how open you are to feedback from others…

How open you are to potential criticism?

Are you able to fully realise and appreciate your own short comings?

How open you are to the realisation you have made mistakes?

I’ve been criticised recently for not creating optimistic content on FB, for not responding appropriately or engaging in a certain way with the material I’ve posted.  I’ve also been given advise on my behaviours and what I need to watch for.  Which seemed at first like I was being judged, without my asking for it…

I mention this because it’s an opportunity to change.

An opportunity to invite my fallibility. Its uncomfortable because it makes me feel vulnerable and that’s not something any of us enjoy for too long, right?

Unless I can be open to this uncomfortable feeling, I’m going to dismiss it, reject it and even deny it. It’s easy to be in denial and create some kind of story around what’s working or isn’t working for – which ultimately means I’m lying to myself and others…

It’s difficult to change something you’ve not admitted and confronted in yourself.

By observing, admitting, accepting, and then confronting what is, for whatever it is, is what enables you to deal with whatever it is you need to deal with.

So I ask you: What changes, if you made them, would dramatically change your life for the better? What is stopping you from making these changes?

And are you able to  answer without making a story of denial?