Queen of Your Life

An incredible 4-week transformational program; break the cycle of unhealthy relationships and revolutionise how you relate to yourself.

The Queen of Your Life program uncovers your unique relationship archetype, giving you the tools you need to revolutionise the relationship with you, so you can attract the relationship of your dreams.  

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This is a self modulated program that allows you to go at your own pace…

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You will get:

  • multiple, information packed, video lessons, with every module, 
  • interactive, easy to follow, workbooks
  • self modulated practices and exercises, to go at your own pace
  • downloadable guided meditations
  • and weekly self reflective tasks
Week 1 - Attachment Styles

In this module, you'll dive deep into understanding your attachment style and how it influences your relationships. 

You'll learn about the different attachment styles and how they impact your interactions with others. Through self-assessments and real-life examples, you'll gain insights into your own attachment patterns and work towards building healthier connections.

Week 2 - Attraction Patterns

Attraction goes beyond physical appearances; it's often rooted in unconscious patterns. 
This module explores the psychological dynamics that drive your attraction to certain types of people. 

You'll uncover hidden patterns, explore your preferences, and gain clarity on what truly aligns with your values in relationships.

Week 3 - Rewriting Your Core Story

Our past experiences shape our beliefs and behaviours. In this module, you'll examine your personal narrative, identify limiting beliefs, and rewrite your story in a way that empowers you.

Through guided exercises, you'll release old narratives that no longer serve you and create a new narrative that aligns with your growth and self-worth.

Week 4 - Power Zone

Confidence and self-assurance are key to thriving in any aspect of life. This module focuses on empowering you to step into your power zone.

You'll learn effective communication techniques, boundary-setting strategies, and decision-making skills. By embracing your power, you'll cultivate relationships that are built on mutual respect and empowerment.

Client Experiences

I have just completed week 1 of the recordings and still need to finish the workbook. I am going slow, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. The content is well thought out, super easy to follow and simple - and I like how you use language to communicate that these are tendencies rather than conditions set it stone - I also like how your tone is empowering. Thank you for this it’s just what I need.
Thank you so much for our first session. It was so nice, but slightly nerve wracking to be honest, to open up to a Coaching Professional for the first time. I've spent so much time looking after my daughters and being a stay at home mum for over 15 years, that I’ve neglected me. When I separated from my husband, I had no confidence it was, and still is scary! Tzara, from our first Zoom meeting you put me at ease with your kind and understanding manner. Immediately I felt comfortable to open up. You helped me to establish and begin to understand some blockages in my life that we need to work on in the future. I'm so excited to see where these sessions push me. For the first time in a long time I feel like my confidence is so much better and this is only the start of my journey with you. So thank you so much! Kim 🙂
Coaching with Tzara is something I wish I’d done 5 years ago.
The realisations I made with Tzara have really opened my eyes into some of my default habits and mentality that needed tweaking.
I started this journey stressed out and anxious and by the end, I felt I had a clear mind and ability to see a pattern of behaviour I was creating and was now equipped with ways to stop it from manifesting into something out of my control. I feel happier at work and am spending more time with those in my life who bring me happiness and not those who drain my energy. I have already recommended two friends to engage with Tzara and I couldn’t be happier I took the plunge to connect with her myself.

I can't wait for you to join us in this journey.

It’s fair to say, as adults, many of us have experienced heartache or pain at some point in our lives, as a result we want to protect ourselves from ever feeling like that again. Which means we create behaviours in the form of walls, that might not make sense to others.

In the Queen of your Life program, we look at being open to love, starting with self-first and peel away some of those walls.

What that means to you is that this program will give you the steps to know how to let go of those old wounds and to do so at your own pace.  Think of this program as your guide, your compass, your source of transformation.  We provide you with the tools, the techniques, and the steps needed to release those old wounds and we do it on your terms.  So that, you will be able to develop better relationships, be open to love when you are ready and know that you are coming from your place of worth and confidence.

Imagine a life where you navigate relationships with confidence, where you embrace love when you’re truly ready, and where you step forward from a place of unshakable self-worth. That’s what this program offers—a roadmap to rebuilding, rediscovering, and reigniting your life.

Join us on this empowering journey. Say goodbye to the limitations of the past and welcome a future brimming with possibilities. It’s time to rewrite your story, break down those walls, and become the Queen of Your Own Life.