Relationship Ready Program

This is a life changing 6 month online group program designed to take a deep dive into you and give you the skills needed to shift your thinking and revolutionise your life, for the rest of your life.
  • No more doubting yourself or believing you’ll never find the one.
  • No more obsessively thinking about previous partners, stalking on social media or feeling lonely and unhappy
  • No more thinking its your fault, feeling unlovable or bitterlistening to the demons in your head.
  • Just a calmer, confident you, using your wisdom to become the woman you are destined to be.
The relationship ready formula is an easy-to-follow system that won’t take up hours of your time, so you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible changes as they happen and start attracting the life you want; as a confident, self-assured women, shining from within. As part of the program, you will get:
  • Easy to follow interactive worksheets with every module, 
  • Pre recorded lessons so you can watch them over & over.
  • A resource library of meditations and recommended apps. 
  • Weekly group coaching to answer any questions about the program and coach you on your journey. 
  • An amazing facebook support group of like minded women sharing their journey and experience with you.
Step one:

Back yourself and decide you want change because the lasting change you seek, only happens internally.

Given how time poor most of us are, we often fall into the trap of applying ‘quick fixes’ to our problems, like band aids, which eventually fall off.  This becomes a cycle of ‘quick fix’ after ‘quick fix’ with no real lasting change.  I see this a lot in the health industry with fad dieting and ‘quick fix’ weight loss guides.

Changing externally with a ‘quick fix’ might help in the short term, but doesn’t give lasting change, for that kind we need to change internally. If you’ve gone through any of the ‘quick-fixes’ I have, you’ll know they always bring you back to where you started, and often in a worse state.

The coaching techniques I offer are sustainable and long term. In essence I arm you with the tools to support lasting change for a happier and more fulfilled life.

If your new suit or designer dress got ripped, you wouldn’t mend it with an old piece of material… We need to clear out the old way of thinking in order to be ready for lasting change.  In the same way new teachings and ways of thinking are like a new wine, the wine needs a fresh new storage container.  Your mind is that storage container.  We need to abandon our limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns in order to make way for the fresh new wine.  If you simply add these teaching to your old ways of thinking, to your current mental habits, then you are NOT doing anything to facilitate a remarkable change in your life.  If you are not ready to let go of your old thinking, this process is pointless for you and you would be wiser to stop here.


For anyone considering working with Tzara, or doing this program, just jump! It changed my life… could not be happier nor more proud of the woman I am today – a massive change from 12 months ago 💕 Thank you Tzara.
From the moment I started The Relationship Ready Formula program I have been completely surprised, exhilarated and empowered by what each module unfolds. This journey is by far the greatest gift I’ve given myself and the joy is the discovery I’ve found at each turn. Tzara Your wisdom, knowledge, support and love is such an inspiration. Today was simply awesome! I’m walking much lighter than I ever have.

Queen of Your Life Program

This is an incredible 4-week self modulated program. You will learn how to transform the cycle of attracting unhealthy relationships. Instead of searching for ‘the one’, you will BECOME the one. This is arguably one of the best investments into you, you’ll ever make for $247. 

You will get:

  • multiple, information packed, video lessons, with every module,
  • interactive, easy to follow, workbooks
  • self modulated practices and exercises, to go at your own pace
  • downloadable guided meditations
  • AND weekly self reflective tasks

Who is this program for?

The “Queen of Your Life Program” is designed for individuals who are ready to transform their relationship patterns and cultivate a strong sense of self. This program is ideal for those who want to gain insights into their attachment styles, understand their attraction patterns, rewrite their core narratives, and embrace their personal power. It is suitable for adults of all backgrounds and orientations who are committed to personal growth and creating meaningful connections.

It’s fair to say, as adults, many of us have experienced heartache or pain at some point in our lives, as a result we want to protect ourselves from ever feeling like that again. Which means we create behaviours in the form of walls, that might not make sense to others.

In the Queen of Your Life Program, we look at being open to love, starting with self-first and peel away some of those walls.

What that means to you is that this program will give you the steps to know how to let go of those old wounds and to do so at your own pace.  Think of this program as your guide, your compass, your source of transformation.  We provide you with the tools, the techniques, and the steps needed to release those old wounds and we do it on your terms.  So that, you will be able to develop better relationships, be open to love when you are ready and know that you are coming from your place of worth and confidence.

Imagine a life where you navigate relationships with confidence, where you embrace love when you’re truly ready, and where you step forward from a place of unshakable self-worth. That’s what this program offers—a roadmap to rebuilding, rediscovering, and reigniting your life.

Join us on this empowering journey. Say goodbye to the limitations of the past and welcome a future brimming with possibilities. It’s time to rewrite your story, break down those walls, and become the Queen of Your Own Life.

I was looking for guidance as I have been struggling with finding my dream man. I kept finding myself dating men who were just emotionally unavailable and I ended up being disappointed. I was worried I was the problem. Tzara’s program helped me see that there is nothing wrong with me, it's a matter of my certainty. In other words, getting clear on what I want and don't want. Tzara coaching style made me feel very comfortable. She has a way of guiding you to see between the cracks of the wall you have put in place to protect you. With my new awareness thanks to Tzara, I am excited to start dating again and making new connections with some highly attuned men.
I have just completed week 1 of the recordings and still need to finish the workbook. I am going slow, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. The content is well thought out, super easy to follow and simple - and I like how you use language to communicate that these are tendencies rather than conditions set it stone - I also like how your tone is empowering. Thank you for this it’s just what I need.