F.L.Y. Pathway

Sick of dating? The sooner you learn how to date well, the sooner you can stop doing it.

  • Do you wonder if you’ll be single forever, feeling like you’ve failed or that you’re not quite good enough?
  • Would you like to build rock-solid self-trust that helps you easily know who you should date, and who you should drop?
  • Does the fear of being old and alone keep you up at night?
  • Do you struggle to release past relational trauma so you’re no longer repeating unwanted dating behaviours?
  • Is the fear of losing your independence stopping you from finding someone?
  • Or is the protective wall you’ve built around your heart also making you lonely?

Double your confidence in dating in the next 90 days. Become more secure in all your relationships and attract a supportive, healthy, love that lasts.

The F.L.Y. Pathway is a program that will help you break negative relationship behaviours once and for all.

Instead of feeling heartbroken, unappreciated, manipulated and having all your insecurities triggered, I’m going to show you the proven steps to take back control of your love life.  

Imagine being your confident, self-assured self again, knowing what you want and how to attract it – in 90 days or less – whether that is your dream partner or simply a better relationship with you. 

Why this matters

Just over 50% (*1) of the general population are securely attached. The other 50% of the population is split into 25% Anxiously attached, 20% Avoidantly attached and 5% Anxiously/Avoidant attached.  

This begs the question; if you are single and dating, why is it so hard to find a securely attached partner?

*1: Reddit suggests this is 50-70% and Heirloom Counselling states it is 58% along with YouGov survey). 

Securely attached people make up a majority of the general population, yet most single people are either anxious or avoidant attached.  

This is because secure people maintain healthy relationships over the long term and don’t tend to be in the dating pool.  They are the unicorns of the dating world!

The Solution? F.L.Y.... First love yourself

  • Regulate your emotions so you can feel calm & confident
  • Gain clarity around the behaviours that are holding you back and how to shift them
  • Feel more empowered and in control of your love life
  • Have the dating apps work for you, so you can avoid: emotionally unavailable matches, stop waiting for the ‘spark’, start meeting in real life (IRL)  and value the slow burn.

Have the online dating apps working for you…

1 in 4 people under 44 yrs meet through online dating apps and that number is increasing. That means the dating scene has changed radically. More online options mean more people will turn to dating apps when things get tough, instead of working through issues. Which increases the stakes in this new playing field.

The F.L.Y. Pathway focuses on you becoming more secure in yourself. The more secure you become, the more you will attract an equally secure partner and get out of the dating pool.

And you will learn the tools and strategies you need to continue to develop-mentally for the rest of your life. 

You become “F.L.Y” by bringing awareness to any un-resourceful behaviours, especially those disconnecting you from yourself. It starts with understanding your internal beliefs and bringing external behaviours into balance. It requires a mental shift; instead of approaching dates from woundings and fears, you attract from your worth and shine in your strengths. 

Without this awareness you will continue to repeat the same relationship misery-go-round patterns, settling for less that you deserve and remaining in relationships that disempower you.

There is another way...

In order to facilitate lasting change, we need to understand ourselves with raw abandoned honesty.  Think of the ‘myself’ as a knot that we must untie in order to flow freely with our universal purpose.  The ‘knot’ represents our blocks; limiting beliefs, sabotaging thought patterns, pain etc…  Just knowing we have a knot is one thing, finding it is and untying it is quite another.  Which is why I’ve developed the F.L.Y. pathway…

You'll walk away from this program with:

  • A clear understanding of the fears and insecurities blocking you from dating and finding your special someone.
  • Strategies for how to meet someone on or off the dating apps with confidence
  • An ability to see someone’s ‘partial truth’ without falling into the blame game
  • Be able to identify the chronic activation loop that occurs when an anxious individual partners with avoidants
  • Practical strategies to manage anxiety, foster self-awareness, and create healthier, more secure relationships.
  • A renewed sense of appreciation for who you are and what you’ve achieved in life and love. 
  • The courage to open your heart with a willingness to be vulnerable, by letting go of the past.

This program is ideal for you if you are:

  • A successful self-leader, crushing it in all areas of life except for love.
  • You’re not afraid of facing your hidden side and embracing all aspects of yourself
  • You are ready to say enough is enough and take your development to the next level

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You look for excuses and reasons not to do the work and make the necessary changes
  • You expect someone else to do the work for you.
  • You are already in therapy with a counsellor and/or on prescription medication. 
The TRUTH is... this program is NOT for everybody.

The F.L.Y. Pathway is for men and women who are completely fed up with repeating their negative relationship behaviours.  This is for someone who is ready to say ‘enough is enough’ and who is ready to take personal responsibility for their lives, their results and their happiness.

If that is you, the F.L.Y. Pathway will show you how to feel like you’ve won the relationship lotto and become emotionally stronger than you’ve ever been.  It’s an easy-to-follow system that won’t take up hours of your time, so you’ll be able to enjoy all the incredible changes as they happen and have more time to spoil yourself.

So let me know if I've got this right...

  • You’ve been hurt in previous relationships and are cautious about starting a new one.  But all your friends seem to be in healthy loving relationships except for you and it’s starting to get to you.
  • You want to be able to let go of the past and avoid comparing new partners to your exes. But every new partner seems to be just like the last and you can’t help feeling like the common denominator in it all. 
  • You want to remain objective in conflicts and stop ‘giving up’, (jumping back on dating apps) every time something gets uncomfortable or your insecurities are triggered. 
  • You wonder why it’s so hard to find your special someone, when you’re doing what everyone has told you. You worry about being too desperate, too distant and have no idea what the middle ground is anymore.  
  • You start to convince yourself there is nothing wrong with being on your own. But you secretly lie awake at night  feeling lonely and believing the next relationship will be the one, without doing anything different. 
  • You’ve read loads of self help books, attended meditation workshops, taken herbal medicines and danced under the moon with your inner child, but nothing has changed.  

What is it?

It’s a 3-step system that I’ve developed for people who recognise a pattern of attracting unhealthy relationships and are finally ready to say ‘enough is enough’.  

The F.L.Y. Pathway will arm you with the keys to become self-assured and confident at attracting real and lasting love, effortlessly on your terms.

  • No more doubting yourself or believing you’ll never find the one.
  • No more obsessive thinking about previous partners, stalking on social media or feeling lonely and unhappy
  • No more thinking you’ll be alone forever, unlovable or bitterlistening to the demons in your head.
  • Just a calmer, confident you, using your wisdom to attract the partner of your dreams.

Best part is, it’s easy to follow and can be done in 90 days or less.

How it works; instead of thinking you can stop these self-sabotaging patterns on your own, hoping you won’t be hurt again or beating yourself up for not ‘being good enough’, the F.L.Y. Pathway shows you a simple system to truely loving yourself, that you can implement immediately to attract the life and love you deserve on your terms.

The 3 step system:


Goal: Boosting self-assurance is crucial. The program focuses on empowering individuals to recognise and embrace their strengths, fostering a positive self-image. Thus eliminating any self doubt or self sabotage thinking. So you can hit the reset “you are amazing and worthy” button…

Personal Responsibility:

Goal: Taking ownership of one’s actions and choices is key to building healthy relationships. The program helps individuals navigate self-reflection, encouraging accountability for their role in relationships. This deep dive empowers you to understand someone’s ‘partial truth’ without falling into the blame game

Letting Go of the Past:

Goal: Releasing emotional baggage is essential for personal growth. The program provides tools and strategies to help individuals overcome past hurts, allowing them to move forward with a clean slate. This is where you learn to swipe all the learnings from the past and let go of the rest, with acceptance and appreciation for how far you have come, in your journey of love.


Through a proven 3 step process that is almost the opposite of what you’ve been taught to do by nearly everyone else. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before. Best part is, F.L.Y. Pathway works fast!

FLY Pathway

Complete package

You want access to the online program, are self motivated and on a limited budget

This is for you if:

You are comfortable with a self modulated program and nominal coaching  support

Unlimited lifetime personal access to the course valued at $5,000

Copy of Tzara’s book  “3 Big mistakes made after a breakup” Valued at $29.95

Audit of your online dating profile
– to give you an unfair advantage.

Valued at $500

Dating again cheat sheet. Do’s and don’ts, step by step guide to dating genuine people not time wasters. Valued at $250

“Cutting the cord” – meditation practice to energetically break free of someone who is difficult to let go off. Valued at $250

Attachment Theory Quiz, to understand your attachment style

Ennegram test to understand your distinct personality traits when relating to others.
Valued at $500

Native perspective test to understand what is operating outside conscious awareness.
Valued at $550

A self assessment attachment style workbook. Valued at $199

Private facebook community to meet and support other like minded FLY member

Number of private coaching sessions.
Valued at $800

2 x 1 hours

Total value


Your investment

$1,497 + GST

Module 1 - Unveil your path to transformation

This module is all about shaking off bad relationship habits. You’ll create a personal plan to put yourself first and improve your connections with others

You will learn:

  1. Working with Radical Acceptance
  2. Release past wounding and know your worth
  3. Build non-negotiable daily routines to develop trust

Module 2 - Embrace the power of change​

In this module, you’ll learn how to feel better about yourself and build better connections with others.

You will learn:

  1. Release unfinished business from your past
  2. Process repressed, bottled up emotions
  3. Break the push pull attraction of familiarity

Module 3 - Release past pain for good...

This module helps you move on from past hurts, breaking the chain of emotional baggage in new relationships.

You will learn:

  1. Deep dive into understanding
    your attachment styles
  2. Powerful re frame on assumptions exercises
  3. How to balance intimacy and separation
    – understanding repetition compulsion

Module 4 - Cultivate Trust and Confidence

This module helps you shake off distrust and insecurity, creating real connections built on trust and confidence.

You will learn: 

  1. Forgiveness embodiment and awareness 
  2. Deep inner child connection activity
  3. Shamanic practice to release and forgive past relationships

Module 5 - Rewrite your beliefs for success

This module helps you change your mindset and create better relationship dynamics.

You will learn:

  1. Identity, Relationship standards and Ghost partner
  2. Decontamination shower with love letter to the past
  3. Doing ‘the work’ to become securely attached.

Module 6 - Love and value yourself unconditionally

In this module, you’ll learn to love yourself and attract relationships that respect your true worth

You will learn

  1. Relationship Mastery
  2. Owning your 4 Superpowers like a Ninja.
  3. Three x A’s meditation to elevate your

Download the brochure here

Have a look over the program in detail, by downloading the brochure – click the button below. 

Package details

  • Audit of your online dating profile – including photo review, and bio edit. So you can start attracting rather than chasing that needle in the haystack.
  • My ebook: “The 3 Biggest mistakes most women make after a breakup”.  All the advice, tips and strategies you need to get your mojo back after a devastating separation.
  • Dating again cheat sheet: My steps on how to date again after a separation.  All the do’s and don’t’s to find your special someone without losing all the fun.
  • Shaman “Cutting the cord” – meditation practice. To energetically break free of someone who is difficult to move on from.
  • Understand your Enneagram typology – The Enneagram is a personality system with nine core types, each representing distinct traits and motivations, offering insights into behaviour, relationships, and personal growth.
  • A Native perspective test – to understand your 4 perspectives in any given situation.  So you can better understand your strengths and what is missing, what is outside your conscious awareness.  
  • Attachment theory quiz to understand your attachment style in relationships
  • A self assessment attachment style workbook

Client Experiences

Tzara, this program created a great space for me to explore my concerns in depth. With a non-invasive yet attentive framing (and re-framing to keep me on the path) you supported my journey to awareness and transformation. Thank you so very much for a great, life changing experience. Very grateful.
I feel very lucky for the opportunity I’ve had working with you, Tzara and will definitely be booking further coaching in the future when I’m ready for a checkin. I came to Tzara not entirely sure what to expect but knowing my low self confidence was really letting me down and that I needed to make a change. Tzara helped me identify the core of what was blocking me and find ways to break past it, these changes are now reflected in all aspects of my life with others even seeing a difference in my confidence and what I’m now achieving. I would highly recommend working with Tzara she has really helped me make some significant changes.
I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to work with Tzara. Before our sessions I was not aware of the limiting thoughts and the pattern of behaviour that was filling my mind. Tzara peels back the layers and her perspective and questioning while you chat uncovers a lot of ahah moments. I felt supported as she guided me through each session where we discovered my thought processes and the underlying reasons for my negative self talk. Tzara helped me to see that I so often put the needs of others first and gave me some tips to feel more confident to express my feelings in the moment. . I am in a much better mind set and have already made some pretty big life changing decisions that I would have not backed myself to make previously. I would definitely recommend Tzara, she’s is a talented, kind supportive coach and is excellent in her field.

If you've come this far... you're probably asking "How do I purchase"?

The FLY pathway is an investment into you, your future and your long-term happiness. 

It is the culmination of my life’s work which means you won’t make the mistakes that I did.  This program will fast-track your results and arm you with all the tools you need to confidently navigate the most meaningful relationships in your life, and especially the one with yourself.

My FLY Pathway is designed to provide you with a transformative 90-day journey to break free from damaging relationship cycles and rediscover your inner strength. Through our 6 modules of online trainings and worksheets, you’ll learn to heal from heartbreak, gain control over your life, and build unshakeable self-assurance. We’ll guide you in understanding your own desires and help you attract connections that align with your newfound confidence. This program empowers you to become a resilient, self-assured person who takes charge of their life and forms meaningful relationships rooted in respect and authenticity.


And because I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible, I’m offering an easy payment plan…


You will get access to the FLY package for

$1,497 AUD paid across the 3 months of the program

$499 AUD