The Modern Masculinity Blueprint
Tzara Attwater Relationship Development Coach

The Modern Masculine Blueprint

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Client Experiences

Tzara, this program created a great space for me to explore my concerns in depth. With a non-invasive yet attentive framing (and re-framing to keep me on the path) you supported my journey to awareness and transformation.

The challenge has been me vs me in terms of self-sabotaging and repeated ways of coping by avoiding taking responsibility for some of my choices.

Thank you for holding my 'feet to fire' and making me accountable to me, it wasn't comfortable, but I've found real freedom on the other side.

Thank you so very much for a great, life changing experience. Very grateful.
The Modern Masculinity Blueprint
I feel very lucky for the opportunity I’ve had working with you, Tzara and will definitely be booking further coaching in the future when I’m ready for a checkin. I came to Tzara not entirely sure what to expect but knowing my low self confidence was really letting me down and that I needed to make a change.

With Tzara help through the Modern Masculine program I was able to identify the core of what was blocking me and find ways to break past it, these changes are now reflected in all aspects of my life with others seeing a difference in my confidence and what I’m now achieving.

I would highly recommend working with Tzara she has really helped me make some significant changes.
The Modern Masculinity Blueprint
I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to work with Tzara. Before our sessions I was not aware of the limiting thoughts and the pattern of behaviour that was filling my mind.

Tzara peels back the layers while you chat that uncovers a lot of ahah moments. I felt supported as she guided me through each session where we discovered my thought processes and the underlying reasons for my negative self talk.

I am in a much better mind set and have already made some pretty big life changing decisions that I would have not backed myself to make previously. I would definitely recommend Tzara, she’s is a talented, kind supportive coach and is excellent in her field.
The Modern Masculinity Blueprint