Dating days

Dating during a pandemic…

… and what you need to know!

I was talking to some friends about this very thing.  If the restrictions have impacted where you meet and how you interact on a date. Are you still having sex with someone you just met?  Are you kissing? One friend shared that she’s not so quick to exchange bodily fluids… and has become as picky AF.

Among the women I speak with, there is natural inclination is to be loving and trusting perhaps even overly giving in a new relationship and not protecting their heart as much. One friend said she’s not been waiting on text messages, that wouldn’t come or keeping her nights open until the last minute on the off chance her new date would want to see her…

One thing is for sure, in the face of an invisible virus the same dating rules apply

So develop some discernment and trust your gut.  If something doesn’t seem right, it usually isn’t.

Ask yourself “Do I really know this person well enough to give my heart to”. “Can I have an honest conversation without any fear that they’ll run away, gaslight me or reject me”

If you can’t get a clear answer don’t give your heart away – Give it more time.  The relationship will be stronger and healthier as a result.  And remember, your heart is precious and sacred.  Treat it like you would a small child and only let it out to play with someone you sure you can trust to treat it with kindness and respect.