Quarrel Replay Buster Session

Do you tend to ruminate over past arguments in your mind? Who said what, when and why? Why do arguments and bad conversations tend to stick with us so much longer than good ones? We can ruminate over them for days, going over and over the conversation in our minds. You know the ones, right?

If this sounds like you – I’ve got a strategy that will help you stop the quarrel replay. From obsessing about a cheating partner to a fight with a friend, the sting from these conversations can last days after the event.

Those arguments where tensions start to rise, responses start to get personal and you end up going around in circles getting nowhere except more upset.

We often argue in defence of being ‘right’ then ruminate about the event as if to justify to ourselves about how right we were, or more arcuately how ‘wrong’ the other person was.

By the time the conversation continues in your mind…  Where you are justifying what you said, or how you behaved – Then the quarrel replay has you, your going to be stuck in a loop that is mentally and physically exhausting.

When we face criticism, rejection or feel marginalised or minimised, our bodies produce higher levels of cortisol.  We become more reactive and sensitive and the effects can last for 26 hours or more.  Cortisol functions like a sustained release tablet – the more we ruminate about our fear, the longer the impact.

If this is a pattern for you that you’d like to break.  Book a free half hour Quarrel replay buster session with me by clicking on the button below