Stuck in a Pattern of Dating Disasters?

Then it’s time to flip the script on your dating woes...

But first, answer this: “Men are immature, emotionally unavailable a**holes who can’t be trusted” Yes/No?

The reason why you keep attracting men who fit this description lies in your answer to that question.

And if that is triggering for you, then sit tight, you might be on the verge of a break through.

I coach a lot of women who respond with shock, denial even anger when I pose that question. Because it rocks the foundation of every belief you have about men, your relationship with them and yourself as a woman.

It is our very beliefs about men and relationships that cause this ‘misery-go-round’, pattern of dating disasters.  When we realise we are the ones perpetuating this painful dating loop that so many are stuck in, then we can take steps to change.

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