When your own approval is enough

'I'm enough' how to get attractive energy

Looking for love, can be a challenge

Especially when it seems like everyone else is happily finding their perfect partner and falling in love, except for you

It’s easy to forget (when dating the next time round) that you are not the same person you used to be.

So I want to remind you:

  • The red flags you’ve fallen for in the past, won’t have you a second time 
  • The ways in which you’ve given so much of yourself in the past, will form the benchmark for boundaries, you can now hold.
  • And the heartbreak of previous relationships will be where your standards are created.

Which means you have overcome so much in your life already.  So many hardships or setbacks you’ve endured and the strength it’s taken you to overcome them.  

So when you compare yourself to what others have… to what they might think of you… or wanting their approval… you place yourself in a fog of forgetting.

They have no idea what hard situations you’ve been through. 

They have no idea how many difficult things you’ve done in your life.

They can’t be proud of you for getting you through those things, only you can do that. 

So why look for their approval?

When your own approval is enough for you, it becomes a very attractive energy.

Because, when someone feels they need our approval, our validation, or is in constant comparison mode between themselves and other people, we register that as unattractive energy. 

Think about it…

But when someone doesn’t ‘need’ any of that from us, we register it as VERY ATTRACTIVE energy. 

The thing is, that attractive energy can’t be faked. It comes from trust… trusting in yourself and others. It comes from the confidence of knowing you are enough. The irony is that this ‘knowing’, will arise from the hardest times in your life and how you conducted yourself through it.

Developing this ATTRACTIVE ENERGY of self-approval, is what I love working with my clients on.  

If you’re dating again, but want to stop the comparison and ooze attractive energy instead, send me a DM and lets chat x ♥️