Tip #10 Passive aggression

Do you find it difficult to express negative feelings?

You may be resorting to passive-aggressive behaviour.

This is an inability to express any anger or resentment directly for fear of being judged or criticised.  The reality is a passive aggressive person feels angry or frustrated, but acts neutral, pleasant or even cheerful.  One of the learnt behaviours as a child, is that it’s not socially acceptable to be angry.  So passive aggression might appear as subtle insults, detachment and ignoring behaviour or even deliberately failing to do what has been promised.  When one or both partners exhibit passive aggressive behaviour, they are doing it to avoid confrontation, but in reality what occurs is a toxic habit which inhibits both partners from being safe enough to express themselves or their vulnerabilities.  It is quite literally the foundation for unhappiness, mistrust, conflict and self-doubt.

If you’ve noticed a pattern in your life of attracting or be attracted to a string of unhealthy relationships then this might be of help to you, or someone you know.  My objective here is for you to become brave enough to say ‘enough is enough’ and give yourself the wake up call you need right now…

These are my tips on how to clean your mind of bad relationship patterns and habits. This has been tip #10 – Passive Aggressive Behaviour