Tip #13 Being together 24/7

Do you live, work and play with your partner 24/7?

Living together, socialising and or working together, means you’re spending too much time together to get any other stimulus and are likely losing touch with your authentic self.  Have you stopped doing things that you like to do on your own?  It may also mean you don’t see your friends and family as much.  This is especially true in the current isolation requirements of COVID. The enforced time together and lack of external stimulus will be creating frictions that may not have been there before.  This is a relationship, red flag.  The foundation of a good relationship is based on trust, respect and admiration of things that are brought to the relationship by the other.  There needs to be a balance, rather than too much of one thing.

If you’ve noticed a pattern in your life of attracting or be attracted to a string of unhealthy relationships then this might be of help to you, or someone you know.  My objective here is for you to become brave enough to say ‘enough is enough’ and give yourself the wake up call you need right now…

These are my tips on how to clean your mind of bad relationship patterns and habits. This has been tip #13 Being together 24/7.