Tip #12 Making your partner your No1 priority

Are you putting the needs of your partner before your own?

Making your partners needs more important than your own is a relationship bad habit, red flag, that has to be broken if there is to be any lasting romantic happiness between you.

The secret to a healthy relationship, is to love one another as the ‘icing’ on an already incredible cake.  Making your partner more important than you, by giving away your power, creates an unbalanced relationship that’s a breeding ground for bad habits.

If anything should happen to the relationship, that you’ve invested so much of your energy in to by giving your power away, you’ll be left with no strength to cope and you walk a fine line with yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Practice loving self-care and appreciation of yourself first and the ripple effects will be palpable.

If you’ve noticed a pattern in your life of attracting or be attracted to a string of unhealthy relationships then this might be of help to you, or someone you know.  My objective here is for you to become brave enough to say ‘enough is enough’ and give yourself the wake up call you need right now…

These are my tips on how to clean your mind of bad relationship patterns and habits. This has been tip #12 Making your partner your No1 priority.