Tip #6 Turbulent Past

Was your childhood a bit turbulent? You, know… your parents didn’t go to enlightenment school 1-1, or you grew up in an abusive household…  It’s possible that the idea of love may make you feel uncomfortable.  As a child you might have learnt that love isn’t always a warm and happy feeling.  Love or what you understand love to be, may have been elusive or even associated with hurt and shame. As you mature and develop into adulthood, if you made the association that love means hurt and shame, you will naturally attract or be attracted to those behaviours in your own relationships.  If as a child, you learnt that being treated badly is some form of love, if you aren’t attracting a partner that treats you badly, it’s more likely that you are creating that treatment yourself and gifting it to your partner; creating a conflicting environment for everyone involved.