Your 4 SuperPowers

Did you know you have 4 incredible super powers?

These powers belong exclusively to you, you own them, they are yours and no one elses. Yes you! – in fact we all have these super powers but like a lot of amazing things about us we tend to take them for granted. Or at the very least don’t recognise the intrinsic value of them.

So what are these super powers?

You’ve got two internal powers and two external powers. 

Your two internal powers are what you THINK and what you FEEL. No one can tell you what to think, right? No one can tell you what to feel – that is your choice, right?
So these are yours to own and be responsible for – you decide what to think… you choose how to feel.

Then you have two external powers or powers that are public, everyone else can see.  So what do you think they might be?
Well its your actions, what you do in the world, how you behave… how you show up and conduct yourself – this is your power – you have choice in what you do. Imagine that!
And the last one is what you say.  How you assert yourself, or not, through language, with what you say. No-one can tell you what to say or do, these are your decisions to make, right?

So these are your four super powers and you are responsible for them.  In fact you can’t actually be responsible FOR anything else and that’s why they are super powers.  When we take responsibility for our own superpowers, we understand that we can’t be responsible FOR anyone else’s superpowers

You can’t be responsible for what your car does, for what someone else says, you can’t be responsible for how someone takes what you’ve said any more than you can be responsible for the weather.

So this is the kicker, You can be responsible for the way you say something, but you can’t be responsible FOR the way it’s received.
You can only be responsible TO the way its received – and that’s the distinction. You can only be responsible TO something by taking responsibility FOR your four powers.

So no-one can MAKE YOU feel anything… DO anything, THINK anything… SAY anything.

When I hear my clients say things like ‘he makes me so angry’ or ‘he made me do it’. Its not taking responsibility for your 4 powers.  No one else has the power to do that.

No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys! – that’s giving away your powers.

  • Your work can’t stress you,
  • Your partner can’t annoy you
  • Your job can’t give you satisfaction
  • The person pushing in at the coffee line, can’t piss you off.
  • The payroll person that stuffed your pay – can’t make you angry

You do all that – not them.  So when someone does something it’s the meaning you make about what they do that makes you angry, upset etc… or whatever it is, because you’re not taking responsibility for the meaning you are making about it – which is your thinking and your feeling.

So lets say, some one is rude to you in a café, they pushed infront of you, or bumped into you and it spilled your coffee, whatever it is, and it happens in a split second… right? And lets say the person is completely unaware and carries on without giving you a second glance

  • what do you say to yourself ? What are the thoughts that immediately start up?
    How dare they do that! That’s outrageous, they were so rude…? Whatever you think in that moment is going to affect your emotions – because thoughts do that… they work in conjunction with emotions and start layering on each other. One thought creating and emotion, which creates another thought and so on.
  • So now lets say you’re in the car on the way home
    you might be chatting with someone and telling them about how rude this person was in the café – unbelievable! Now your speech and what you are saying about the event, adds to the layering of thoughts and emotions.
  • later that evening before you go to bed
    you might still be thinking about it… and bothering yourself with it so much that you now can’t sleep – its affecting your actions, how you behave and how you show up in the world
  • the next morning
    might still be bothering yourself with it. And now your all fired up, going to the café with an agenda which has been layering all these thoughts and emotion, state upon state on until it is so far removed from the reality of the event and how?

Because there was no ownership of the 4 powers.  The person in that situation, was giving away all their power.  Like giving someone the remote control and getting all the buttons pushed. Think of Nelson Mandela, stuck in jail for 27 years, or the accounts of Nazi German war survivors – no can’t make you think, or feel anything.  They are your thoughts, your feelings. You decide what you are thinking and feeling – no one does that for you.

Isn’t time to take back the remote control!

“You don’t get to press my buttons.”

You don’t get to make me angry, that’s my choice.

I’ll get angry when I want to get angry. I’ll stay silent if I want to… step into the awareness and power of all the choice you have taking ownership of your 4 powers.

So notice what you are choosing to bother yourself with today and how can you change that… what ways can you take back your power and stop giving it away.  Own your 4 powers and be completely and totally responsible for yourself – make note of what changes.

Remember you always have a choice.

Stay safe and let’s make some powerful choices for ourselves.