Tip #3 Negative Outlook on Relationships

Let’s image you’re on a first date or in the early stages of a relationship and you start telling him/her how vulnerable and hurt you were from your last relationship.  Or perhaps you start talking about how bad some of the men/women have been in your life.  One of two things will happen; you subconsciously only attract that same type of partner and you will confirm a belief that you’re unable to attract the type of partner you say you want. It’s likely that your date will interpret your negative outlook about your previous partners as something you’re used to, have tolerated or come to accept.  More significantly it will let him/her know you are not attracting any ‘good men/women’ and if they are ‘good’ they will run for the hills.

So if this is something you are doing or have noticed as a pattern – send me a message and lets chat, there is a way through this.